český výrobce klasických lustrů  

The firm Evžen ZELENÝ - CZECHLIGHTS follows up with the hundred years old tradition of the production of chandeliers in Kamenický

All our products are
based upon careful work both in the production and in the assembly; all the
employed materials are classical, and of a high quality. The employed
technologies of surface finish of both the glass and metal components of our
chandeliers are based upon the tradition, and for the most part, they are made
manually. Therefore, our products can be seen all the world round practically,
and the customers appreciate their high quality and their lasting utility
value, as well as the wide scale of our offer and our fair business conditions.
An important advantage of our firm is our ability to design and to manufacture
atypical lighting fixtures, made to match the dimensions of interiors. Our
special pride are the chandeliers supplied to important government buildings,
churches, mosques and theatres.